Workplace Health and Safety Tips from TelKee Lockable Cabinets

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Workplace Health and Safety Tips from TelKee Lockable Cabinets

Workplace health and safety is serious business.  From the duties of an employer to the practises and policies pertaining to dealing with issues, workplace health and safety (WHS) laws denote necessary measures to be taken before, during and after incidents occur. TelKee Lockable Cabinets which offers  workplace health and safety lockable cabinets in order to ensure that employees and employees all alike are made aware of the various WHS laws deemed by your Australian state or territory.

Workplace Health and Safety

As an employer or a business, even as a Person Conducting Business or Undertaking (PCBU), they are obligated to follow the rules and regulations classified by not only WHS laws but also those of worker’s compensation laws too. That is why each business owner should have themselves the necessary documents to refer to in order to be well-versed on the same. Buying a TelKee workplace health and safety cabinet is the perfect solution. Having it easily accessible at work to your employees/workers is very important, and ensuring that they are informed is one of the many duties an employer, business owner and PCBU holds under the Work Health and Safety Act.

Apart from the duties and responsibilities, it is important that processes are reasonably practicable which essentially means that one must follow the most effective and possible means to ensuring health and safety of employees, workers and others. Another point to keep in mind is the management or control of the workplace where no risks occur to anyone entering and exiting the workplace.

Return To Work Programs

The employer, business owner or PCBU must ensure that a program to facilitate an injured  employee or worker returning to work after an injury that occurred at the workplace with a formal policy and procedures to aid their recovery and return to their normal working atmosphere without too much hassle.

Due Diligence

It is also said that assigning the responsibility to a particular employee (possibly with Human Resources Management experience) to manage the health and safety risks of a business.


The TelKee Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet provides a centralised location to store all vital WHS manuals and information via a push-button lock with secure sign-in sign-out.

  • Weather Resistant
  • Durable 2mm thick rust resistant aluminum construction
  • Durable stainless steel, full length hinge for high use sites
  • Powder coated in neutral beige
  • Auto-latching door, when the door is closed, the cabinet is secure
  • Marine grade stainless steel push-button lock
  • Water resistant design for indoor/outdoor use

Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet T500 model information is as follows;

  • Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet (weather resistant) 750x415x367mm, 2mm steel – T500
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