What are the Different Lock Mechanisms Available for Telkee Key Cabinets

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What are the Different Lock Mechanisms Available for Telkee Key Cabinets

When choosing a Telkee key cabinet for your business, different factors should be considered. The size of your business, industry you’re in, as well as the unique requirement for a lockable key cabinet are just some of the questions you will need to think about as they affect the final decision you make. One of the key advantages of purchasing Telkee key cabinets is that they are modular and offer easy expansion by just slotting in new panels to make room for extra keys as your organisation grows.  Telkee also allows easy lock upgrades to suit your needs. Here’s a brief look at the  key cabinet lock upgrades available for Telkee cabinets.

3-Digit Combo Lock

This combination lock is the entry level option for strong keyless security in a lockable key cabinet. The compact lock mechanism is an optional upgrade for all Telkee cabinets and has a range of different users. Similar to one that you would find on a briefcase, luggage or toolbox, it can be either purchased along with your Telkee key cabinet so that the Telkee team can handle the fitting or you can fit it yourself as an upgrade.. Since the locking mechanism is secured by a 3-digit number combination, there is no need to carry around a key.

Mechanical Keypad on a Slam Latch Door (with Manager Override Function)

The premium lock upgrade available at Telkee, this two point locking system provides the benefit of keyless entry with a mechanical keypad, along with a slam latch door and  manager override function using a standard cam lock. This can be used on larger Telkee cabinet models such as the 530 , 686, 686L but not at max capacity since the slam latch encroaches into the cabinet by about 15mm and the therefore, the final panel cannot be fitted.

Any existing  mechanical keypad cabinet can be upgraded to slam latch on a Telkee 530 cabinet or larger as it has the same footprint with the same hole placements. However, you will need to purchase the new Mechanical keypad lock along with the slam latch door, as the slam latch mechanism cannot be used with the older mechanical keypad.

While this double duty lock can be used for key storage cabinets in a variety of industries, it is ideal for a car yards and property management or vehicle rental business as the keys can be accessed by the sales team during the day using keyless entry, while at night the manager can secure the keys using the standard cam lock.

Mechanical Keypad Only

This secure push button lock has been used on Telkee key cabinets for the last several years. Offering convenient keyless entry to your key cabinet, this allows a 4-6 digit combination (numbers cannot be repeated) which provides owners with a million different combination options.

The mechanical keypad can be selected as a lock upgrade on any Telkee key cabinet except the model 347 since it has rows of hooks on the inside of the door which interferes with the positioning of the mechanical keypad lock mechanism.  If you retro-fit a keypad, you will need to drill a couple of holes in the door to fit the MKP.

Standard Cam Lock (provided with 2 keys

This standard security lock comes with two keys and is the basic, entry level lock available on all Telkee key cabinets and adjustable shelf cabinets. Similar to a mailbox lock, this fundamental locking mechanism is popular across all industries for its simplicity and the ease it offers. If you lose your keys, the standard cam lock key can be replaced by any locksmith by just providing the cylinder code printed on the lock.

Bi-Lock Cam Lock

A high security lock mechanism, the bi-lock cam lock is pick resistant and completely bump proof. This lock works for an organisation that has an existing high security or master key system in place, the bi-lock cam lock is a popular restricted keying system that is often purchased separately from a key cabinet and retrofitted. This unique locking mechanism has extensive retrofitting and compatibility features allowing it to be easily added to many existing locking systems by any locksmith.


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