Many industrial and commercial office environments need a metal storage cabinet to safely and securely store valuables. Telkee has a range of lockable medicine cabinets and general storage cabinets with keys to meet this need. The cabinets come in 3 sizes and have a safety cam lock with 2 keys supplied. Every cabinet has adjustable steel shelves that can be positioned as the customer sees fit. Our largest cabinet measures 686 mm x 330mm x 260mm deep. Many customers have more than one cabinet wall mounted next to each other. The efficient storage of general office equipment forms the basis of any well-organised office. The steel cabinets are lockable and are perfect as a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) cabinet, a lockable medicine cabinet or even as basic wall cabinets for storing small office necessities such as thumb drives, training videos, photographic equipment, safety goggles, and business valuables for shift workers.

There are many benefits for businesses in using a lockable storage cabinet with a key. These include:

  • Helps you make optimal use of your office space: Irrespective of how much space you have in your office, a storage cabinet with a key can help you make optimal use of the space you have by keeping things organised and stored safely and securely.
  • Better security: These storage cabinets keep your valuable information, documents and equipment safe from theft, fire and other hazards.
  • Adds to your office aesthetics: When your office space is neat and tidy, it makes your work area look good and makes a good impression for visitors.
  • Enhances efficiency: When you know where everything is, you don’t need to waste time searching for them when needed.

What is amazing about our cabinets is that they are produced with high-quality steel, are durable and keep your items safe. The number of hooks allows for efficient organisation and is ideal for hotels, car park valets, businesses and apartment complexes. At Telkee, we offer storage cabinets with keys or a fire department cylinder override lock, which can be mounted on a wall as per your requirement. Each storage cabinet has a spacious inner environment to store your items and sturdy shelves for easier organisation. If you are a business or company that has a lot of important items in hand, our storage cabinet with a key is the perfect choice for you.