Many offices, industrial and commercial environments need a metal storage cabinet to safely and securely store valuables. Telkee has a range of lockable medicine cabinets and general storage cabinets to meet this need. The cabinets come in 3 sizes, have a safety cam lock with 2 keys supplied. Every cabinet has adjustable steel shelves that can be positioned as the customer sees fit. Our largest cabinet measures 686 mm x 330mm x 260mm deep. Many customers have more than one cabinet wall mounted next to each other. The efficient storage of general office equipment forms the basis of any well-organised office. The steel cabinets are lockable and are perfect as a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) cabinet, a lockable medicine cabinet or even as basic wall cabinets for storing small office necessities such as thumb drives, training videos, photographic equipment, safety goggles, and business valuables for shift workers.