Where is the best place to keep a key cabinet?

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Where is the best place to keep a key cabinet?

Key cabinets have become an important part of any business, irrespective of the industry they operate in. They help secure a business’s physical keys, control access to certain areas of the premises, and maintain records on key usage and access. In addition to all these, they help keep important keys safe and in one central location. Staff members who are authorised, can take keys when they need to by signing in or by entering their own pin code on the locking mechanism, and return them to the key cabinet when they have finished with it.

These key cabinets come in varying sizes, from small key cabinets to much larger ones, and can hold keys ranging from 35 keys to up to 600 keys. They generally come with numbered plastic key tags and corresponding numbered hooks, so that it is easy to store and locate your keys, and you will always know which ones are missing from key storage. Telkee Key cabinets are manufactured with two different options of locks; standard cabinets come with a camlock and two keys, while the keyless entry models come with either a mechanical keypad or 3-digit combination lock, for added security.

 Key cabinets are also beneficial for residences, so that you can keep all your home keys safe in one place. For home use, you may wonder why you need to spend so much money on buying a commercial key storage cabinet. If you don’t have that many keys to store, you can always opt for a small sized cabinet, or if you are a DIY buff, then you can also make your own key cabinet easily to store your personal keys. Check out this video by mccoysbuildingsupply DIY Projects: Making a Key Cabinet – YouTube.

Benefits of using a key cabinet for your business

All types of businesses can make use of key cabinets, however these are especially beneficial for businesses that deal with a large fleet of vehicles or have many keys to handle on a daily basis, like real estate companies or apartment buildings. Here are some of the benefits of using key cabinets to store your valuable keys.

  • Controls access to your facility: You can control who has access to certain areas of your business.
  • Security: By securing your keys in a central location it offers better protection for your assets and valuable documents, as well as your employees.
  • Better tracking: You can easily keep track of where keys are and who has them, at any given moment.
  • Reduces loss: Key management options such as these can help you reduce the risk and expense of lost keys.
  • Improves efficiency: When staff members know where keys are at all times, it improves efficiency because people don’t have to go looking for keys to access certain areas.

Where should I install my key cabinet?

If you do not install your key cabinet properly, then it does not serve its purpose. In addition, you also need to install it in the right place. Here are some questions to ask before choosing the ideal location to install your key cabinet.

  • Can the cabinet be seen by anyone on the road?
  • Is it at eye level?
  • Can it be easily identified as a key cabinet or safe?
  • Is it located near a door?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a “yes”, then it is best to move the cabinet to a different location.

 Ideally these types of cabinets should be installed in locations where:

  • There is good lighting: A well lit location means easier access when you need to take out keys from the cabinet. In addition, no one can access them in secret while being hidden in the shadows. Hence choose a well-lit location to install it.
  • It can be mounted on a wall: Key cabinets in general are wall mounted types, and it is best to secure it to the wall using bolts, so that there are no gaps in-between where someone could insert a tool and detach it. If you have a floor standing key cabinet, you should try bolting it to the floor.
  • It is lockable: Keeping the key cabinet in a separate room which itself is lockable is a great way to enhance your key security. They could be in an office room for which only a few authorised personnel have access, and there is always someone present close by to keep an eye.
  • It can be kept hidden: The best way to install a key cabinet is out of sight. Use the architecture of the building to hide it naturally, so that it seems to be a part of the rest of the interior décor.
  • It is close to a security camera: It is always best to install your key cabinet in close proximity to a security camera that covers it, so that you can check back on security footage if there is any issue.

How to choose the right key cabinet for your business

When selecting a key cabinet for your business, there are certain things you need to take into consideration, such as:

  • The number of keys you need to store: The size of the cabinet you need will depend on the number of keys you need to store in it. Small key cabinets will hold up to 60 keys, while larger types can hold up to 600 keys. It is also good to consider future expansions, so that you can buy a cabinet that will accommodate future requirements as well.
  • Whether you need to store key bunches: Some businesses use large key bunches (such as apartment buildings or real estate companies). If you need to store large bunches of keys then it is best to get a key cabinet that can hold them all. Usually, bunches are stored using every other hook, in order to keep enough space between two bunches.
  • Whether you need any special locking requirements: In general, these cabinets come with a cam lock and physical keys (2 keys). However, there are also those that come with mechanical keypad options or 3-digit combo locks. The type of lock you need will depend on the level of security you require.
  • Colour: Aesthetics are just as important as functionality, and Telkee key cabinets come in 2 colours; Beige and Hammertone Grey. It is good to choose a cabinet colour that blends well with your existing décor, so that it will fit in seamlessly with the other furniture.
  • Durability: The materials that the cabinet is made from should be of high quality, so that your key cabinet lasts a long time. Telkee key cabinets are made with high quality steel, with scratch proof powder coated paint finish.

Having a key cabinet is one of the best decisions you will take to secure your business and its assets and valuables. If you want to know why you should opt for a Telkee Key Cabinet, check out this video on what makes our Key Management Solutions unique Why Purchase a Telkee Key Cabinet – YouTube.

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