How do I Choose the Right Size Key Cabinet?

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How do I Choose the Right Size Key Cabinet?

When deciding on a key cabinet for your business, one question often comes to mind: “What size key cabinet do I need?” The answer to this largely hinges on factors like the volume or size of the keys, their use, and the type of business you’re running. The key capacity of a cabinet can vary dramatically based on these factors.

Capacity and Key Type

A cabinet’s listed capacity might indicate that it can hold a certain number of keys, but in practice, the real capacity can depend on the size and volume of the keys or bunches you plan to store. For example, let’s consider a 5-panel, 550-hook key cabinet. If you’re managing a fitness center or a school where each hook holds a single locker key, you can utilize the full capacity of the cabinet, storing up to 550 sets of keys.

On the other hand, in a property management scenario, where each hook might need to accommodate a bunch of keys, you may only effectively use 3 of the 5 panels. Some larger bunches might even require that you use every other hook or every other row, further reducing the capacity. So, the same cabinet that can hold 550 locker keys may only store around 275 sets of property keys.

Extreme Cases: Vehicle Keys

For businesses managing large, bulky vehicle keys or keys with attached swipe cards or readers, like car yards or rental agencies, the effective capacity of the cabinet can reduce even further. You would typically only use every other row and possibly reduce the number of panels from 5 to 3 to accommodate the larger size. Therefore, a cabinet initially capable of holding 550 locker keys might only store around 150 vehicle keys.

Making the Right Choice

When choosing a key cabinet, it’s crucial to evaluate not just the listed capacity but also how the size and volume of your keys will impact that capacity. Think about the nature of your keys, how they’ll hang, and how much space you’ll need between each set. It’s also important to factor in growth prospects—will you need more keys or larger key bunches in the future?

Scalability with Multiple Cabinets

If your needs exceed the capacity of a single key cabinet, don’t worry. You can easily install multiple cabinets side by side to increase your key storage capacity. These cabinets can even be keyed alike if desired, providing seamless access across all your key storage units.

The Advantage of Flexible and Modular Key Cabinets

In situations where keys are bulky or organized in bunches, a flexible and modular key cabinet becomes a necessity. Brands like Telkee offer a range of such cabinets that are designed with the users’ needs in mind. These cabinets come with interchangeable panels and hooks that can be adjusted based on the size and volume of the keys, making them ideal for property management firms or vehicle rental agencies. With Telkee, you get cabinets that offer maximum flexibility, allowing you to utilize the available space efficiently.

In conclusion, understanding the real-world implications of key size and volume on cabinet capacity, as well as factoring in growth and scalability, is vital to choosing a key cabinet that will effectively meet your needs. For businesses dealing with larger keys or key bunches, a flexible and modular solution like Telkee key cabinets is a solid choice. By doing so, you’re not only ensuring a well-organized key system but also enhancing the overall security of your business.

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