Types of Key Management Solutions

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Types of Key Management Solutions

Key management or access management is one of the biggest responsibilities in any organization or institution. Depending on your requirement the kind of key management solutions that has to be applied varies. We here at Telkee offer 3 types of key management solutions which you can select from; namely small, medium and large.

Small Key Management Solutions

Small Telkee cabinets are the perfect answer to any small office key storage, and key security problems. With choices for cabinets from 35 hooks up to 60 hooks, a small, wall mountable key security cabinet from Telkee will suit small real estate offices, government departments, apartment building property management, small business and corporate services, providing an efficient and effective solution for the ‘duty of care’ you need to have in place for any office key storage.

Medium Key Management Solutions

Telkee medium size lockable key storage cabinets are available with either 100 hooks, 175 hooks or 245 hooks. Complete with all accessories which include key tags, hook numbers, index cards, and disposable sign out tags, the Telkee medium size key cabinet will demonstrate its usefulness time and time again with efficient and effective key control, taking the worry out of your duty of care, and minimizing the risk of key theft. Wall mountable, and available with several lock options, and in either beige or grey colour , the key management system of a Telkee key cabinet is suitable for government departments, small real estate offices, property management, hospitals, schools, and any corporate office where key storage is important.

Large Key Management Solutions

A large Telkee Key Cabinet can be purchased from 150 hooks up to 550 hooks, all in one lockable, wall mountable cabinet. Suitable for Real Estate offices, Government departments, hospitals and aged care facilities, Schools and Universities and large corporate offices, the key management that a Large Telkee key cabinet will offer can be the solution to the ‘duty of care’ over the keys in your office, and will minimize the risk of theft along with your insurance burdens, to make any office key storage situation efficient and effective.

Key Management Solutions Accessories

Telkee Printed Key tags will be essential key to good Key Management Solutions. Printed with your Logo, business name, website, address and telephone details they become an essential give away or identifying tag for all your key storage needs. They are supplied with split rings and can be numbered to suit your Telkee key storage cabinet, and are available in 8 popular corporate colours to perfectly co-ordinate with your office logo.

With Types of Key Management Solutions such as these, offered by Telkee, you can sure that you won’t have to worry about the security and organization of your keys ever again.

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