Efficient Key Management Systems

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Efficient Key Management Systems

Setting up an efficient key control system is a vital factor in ensuring your physical security system runs smoothly. When making a purchase decision for a key management and control system, choose lockable cabinets that offer options in terms of sizing, capacity, locking mechanisms, and the provision of accessories too.

A good place to start with figuring out the what kind of key cabinet solution is needed, is by determining the problems that needs solving and finding out the types of solutions available, and which meets the necessary criteria. By following this problem solving process you are able to find the key control solution with features that you’re looking for and addresses the challenges at hand.

There are many industries and examples in which secure lockable cabinets can be used in practical applications. From offices of a small to medium  (or large) business, to government departments and administerial divisions, to the likes of institutes​​,  hospitals and care services and other establishments, the use of a key control system with assistance of a lockable key cabinet is often a good rule of thumb from a management standpoint.

Here are some of the TelKee Lockable Cabinet models that are ideal for various features and uses.

Industrial Key Cabinets

MODEL 347 (347mm x 280mm x 80mm) 1mm steel Beige Grey
35 Key Capacity NA T35
60 Key Capacity T375 T376
MODEL 530 (530mm x 330mm x 16mm) 1.2mm steel
100 Key Capacity (1 panel) T378 T379
175 Key Capacity (2 panels) T380 T381
245 Key Capacity (3 panels) T382 T383
530 Cabinet Only – No Tags or accessories T308 T309
MODEL 686 Standard (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 1.6mm steel
150 Key Capacity (1 panel) T388 T389
250 Key Capacity (2 panels) T392 T393
350 Key Capacity (3 panels) T394 T395
450 Key Capacity (4 panels) T396 T397
686 Cabinet Only – No Tags or Accessories T320 T321
MODEL 686 Large (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 1.6mm steel
150 Key Capacity (1 panel) T398A T398AG
250 Key Capacity (2 panels) T398C T398CG
350 Key Capacity (3 panels) T398E T398EG
450 Key Capacity (4 panels) T398G T398EGG
550 Key Capacity (5 panesl) T398H T398HG
686L Cabinet Only – No Tags or Accessories T3930 T3930G

Vehicle Key Cabinets

  Beige Grey
C347 – 20 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1mm steel TC347B TC347G
C530 – 80 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.2mm steel TC530B TC530G
C686 – 100 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steel TC686B TC686G
C686L – 150 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steel TC686LB TC686LG

Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

  Beige Grey
S530 – (530mm x 330mm x 165mm) 2 shelf, 1.2mm steel T401 T402
S686 – (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steel T411 T412
S686L – (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steel T421 T422

Filing Cabinet Solutions – Suspension Key File Systems

50 Hook System (2 panels + accessories) T200G50
100 Hook System (4 panels + accessories) T200G100
200 Hook System (8 panels + accessories) T200G200
Panel ONLY T200G

If you’re looking for an automated tracking mechanism, opt for the keyless entry feature with a mechanical keypad that comes with a manager override on order to monitor who has accessed the key cabinet. Against this feature, it’s advised that signature strips are used to be placed on the hook of the dispatched key with the name, date and time information.

Other accessories offered include key tags to index cards/books for efficient lookup all available under the TelKee Key Management Accessories range.

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