Checklist When Buying Key Management Systems

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Checklist When Buying Key Management Systems

There are various key management systems on the market, and numerous rival suppliers provide comparable guarantees. Nevertheless, it is always best to choose the correct key management solution to suit your specific needs, especially for security and safety, and to avoid identity theft, which are major issues these days.

What is a key management system?

Keys are an important part of any business environment. They secure your assets and ensure the safety of your investment in the business. Those who have suffered a breach in security will understand the importance of having an effective key management system.

In order to enhance the security of your assets and other valuables, a key management system is essential for any organisation. It helps secure and track the distribution of keys and access to various locations within the building. Highly secure key cabinets are used to secure the keys belonging to the business location or site, and these keys are sorted within the cabinet using specially labelled or numbered key tags. In addition, there will also be a process in place for accessing these keys, as well as a record of key distribution.

Components of an effective key management system

A key management system has several important components, such as:

  • Key Cabinet – This is where the keys will be sorted and stored. These cabinets generally come made from steel with a locking system to prevent unwanted access. There are many different sizes of key cabinets on offer, depending on the number of keys and whether those keys are house size keys or oversized or bunches per hook.
  • Locking Mechanism – The locking mechanism on these key cabinets is one of its most important components, as this is what prevents unwanted access to your valuable keys. Standard systems come with a cam lock and two keys, while higher-end models or upgrades come with keyless entry such as a mechanical keypad or three-digit combination lock.
  • Key Fob – In advanced systems, keys or key rings are attached to a tracking fob, which collects information when keys are taken out and returned, and ensures that the right keys are in place.
  • Key Tracking System – Key tracking systems are another important component of any effective key management system, since it helps to keep track of the key numbers associated with each lock and also allows owners and managers of the business to track who has what keys at any given time. Telkee Key Cabinets offer alpha and numeric index cards which can be filled for this purpose, or you can even maintain your own MS Excel spreadsheet with the key number and corresponding location. It should be remembered however that for security purposes, this information should be kept in a secure location, away from the key cabinet itself.

Benefits of an effective key management system

  • Protects your business’ valuables and assets.
  • Offers a tracking system on who is using which key at what time.
  • Reduces key loss.
  • Reduces direct and indirect costs such as lock and key replacement costs etc.
  • Risk management becomes more reliable.
  • Improves daily operations of the business as well as emergency response.

When a key is lost within your company, there are both immediate and long-term repercussions. Of course, there is the immediate replacement cost. However, you may also need to replace numerous locks in your facility if the lost key was a submaster or master. 

Additionally, you must pay the indirect expense of missed productivity. Instead of performing their regular jobs, your personnel will be occupied with looking for missing keys and handling the replacement and rekeying procedure. Furthermore, until the lost key is replaced, you might not be able to access important machinery or equipment, or even valuable documents, if it was the only one you had.

The risks and access of having a key management system

Keys give access to priceless valuables such as jewellery, cars and even important documents and information. The practice of regulating and monitoring the use of those keys is known as key management. Key management aims to increase key security as well as the efficiency of the workflows that employ those keys. Good key management procedures enhance how those jobs are carried out, whether you have a security guard patrolling your property, a driver operating a specialised vehicle on the job, or a technician signing out a pricey electronic device.

 Checklist for choosing the right key management system for you

There are several guidelines you should keep in mind if you are thinking about purchasing a key control system for the first time or want to enhance your current system. We have provided a summarised guide below, which will help you in choosing the right key management solution

  • Define your requirements

It is important that you know exactly what your key storage requirements are. For example, do you use oversized keys or key bunches? Many customers who use key bunches tend to customise their key storage system, and use every other hook for storing large bunches of keys securely and effectively. 

  • The number of hooks you need

Another important aspect to consider before choosing the right key cabinet is the number of hooks you will need. Telkee offers different sized key storage solutions, from small key cabinets to large cabinets, and even suspension file systems. 

  • Future expansion

Businesses grow over time, and may include additional locations, buildings or even building extensions. When choosing a good key storage system, it is important that you consider any future expansions so that you can choose the right size of storage unit. We recommend buying a key cabinet with fewer panels initially where you can add new panels as you grow your business over time. This will offer you a cost-effective solution both in the short and long term. 

  •  Locking mechanism

The type of locking mechanism you choose is of vital importance for any key storage system. Before you choose a key storage solution, consider whether you have any special requirements. Telkee’s standard key cabinets come with a cam lock and two keys, however you can also get it upgraded to a keyless entry system with either a mechanical keypad that comes with a slam latch door or a three-digit combination lock, which is a very low-cost replacement option for the standard key lock. 

  •  Aesthetics

Aesthetics are very important when choosing any type of equipment or furniture for your business space. Whatever you buy needs to match the current style and colour theme of your office, so that it does not look out of place. Telkee’s vast range of key cabinets come in an array of colours so that you can choose one that best suits your specific design aesthetics. 

  •  Reliability

Make sure that the solution you opt for is dependable and long-lasting. Know what inquiries to make about the system’s key tracking options and how it aids in limiting key access. Make sure that you get a warranty for your product and that the supplier is a reputable company like Telkee Key Cabinets. 

  •  Price

Price is an important decision maker for any business. This is exactly why Telkee offers a range of key storage solutions at very affordable pricing. In addition, we also offer expansion solutions that are cost effective and won’t cut into your budget.

Increasing Performance

Key management solutions increase your key usage possibilities while granting you tighter control and more knowledge about key usage within your organisation. You may, for instance, only allow certain keys to be used by employees of a certain department. Alternately, you can limit access based on specific employees, the time of day, or special circumstances. 

Additionally, your personnel will spend less time looking for lost or misplaced keys. You can easily perform key recovery by using key movement log, which will provide you with the last known position of each key in the system. No longer will you have to spend an hour searching your building just to find that someone in another department was unaware that a crucial key needed to be returned by noon. 

As you can see, an effective key management system is an important asset for any business, and protects and secures its valuable equipment, machinery and documents. Your investment in such a system is well worth it in the long run! Contact Telkee Key Cabinets for all your key storage requirements today!


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