Numbered key tags in Australia are used to label and identify keys of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have heavy industrial vehicles with bulky keys that need to be safe and secure after hours, or you are managing a thousand inner-city apartment units and have bunches of keys for each unit, or you are a university  with a spare classroom and master key for every room. Telkee’s numbered key tags have you covered. The most common way to meet your duty of care and provide safe,  secure storage for a large number of keys or sets of keys is to utilise a numbered key tagging system. Simply attach a numbered key tag to each set of keys, store it on the associated hook number, and maintain a spreadsheet or lookup file to identify the numbered keys according to their purpose. Telkee’s numbered key tags are sold in packs of 50 tags or pieces per pack. This great value of $0.85 per tag or $42.50 per pack allows you to keep track of your keys for less than a dollar per hook. These strong, plastic numbered key tags in Australia are durable and convenient to use, and are a great way to keep track of your keys. Choose from either round or square shapes and an assortment of colours for personalised key tags that are instantly identifiable and accessible. Purchase your numbered key tags from Telkee and have them shipped Australia-wide. Shop now!