Key Control Procedures and Filing Systems with Telkee Cabinet Accessories

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Key Control Procedures and Filing Systems with Telkee Cabinet Accessories

With a system and the right tools, anything is possible, especially when it involves the workplace. When it comes to setting office filing & key control, TelKee’s array of lockable cabinet models and accessories can indeed be helpful. However first off, you should set in place a policy document in order to systematically highlight, each factor that goes into ensuring proper management – this is mostly applicable with concern to Access Control.

Essentially, key control systems focuses on offering an organised and formal security procedure that not only handles the control of master keys to a building, facility, room or important lockable cabinets,  as well as utilitarian keys too. The use of a key control system prevents unauthorised access to said assets by means of documentation, management as well as status reporting of critical items bringing up red flags when they are not within their parameters. These critical items with relation to facilities security include issued or stored physical keys, key holders, physical locations, as well as information on the products used in a location.

The following includes factors in the form of questions you need to consider when devising such a document and should feature a brief note on its purpose.

– What type of keys are you​​ safekeeping?

– Are you segmenting key storage by asset type or location?

– Are you indexing your keys?

– How will you account for issued keys? Will there be any indication of who has them?

– Do you have an infrastructural blueprint with demarked access locations? Have these been coded for identification? Will this code denote who has authority to it?

– What authority should each key holder possess? What is their access level? What are they allowed to access?

The above questions will relate to how your keys are stored based on various factors such as the size/bulkiness of the keys, the location/area to which it provides access to and who has the authority to issue and utilise the keys. The way you store the keys in the TelKee Lockable Cabinets depends on these factors, as well what its purpose is in order to better manage the resources allocated to them. Various TelKee Lockable Cabinets and accessories are available that caters to various industries from automotive, real estate, government authorities, hospitals and care services, and more.

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