Vehicle & Car Yards and the Use of Secure Key Cabinets & Management

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Vehicle & Car Yards and the Use of Secure Key Cabinets & Management

Vehicle & Car Yards and the Use of Secure Key Cabinets & Management

Asset management is a broad subject, but when it comes to the security of physical assets, there are ways in which you can ensure that proper measures are taken to safeguard them. If you are a business owner of a car dealership, vehicle & car yards or parks, then the likes of secure key cabinets for vehicles would be the ideal choice for safeguarding the keys to those assets.

As a business owner  in the motor industry, you will need flexible solutions to match your growing business needs and requirements, such as the management of a large number of keys whether they are for new vehicle keys (which come as a bundle), cars that are being rented or have been sent for servicing, or merely keys for vehicles in a car yard or car park.

Apart from secure key management, you will also need to ensure that the keys are safe and secure, as well as accountability for those keys is upheld. Ensuring that the key management solution is user-friendly is also important to you and your business, and therefore the secure key cabinet solution you choose should satisfy certain criteria, such as security, accountability and straightforward management. TelKee’s Lockable Cabinets that are specifically designed for the likes of Vehicle and Car Yards serves all those purposes. Let us look into how this is facilitated.

Security: TelKee Lockable Cabinets designed for Vehicle and Car Yards comes with a keyless mechanical keypad along with a manager override feature installed for added security.

Accountability: The implementation of a keyless mechanical keypad as well as the accessories that accompanies these secure key cabinets such as signature strips and other supplementary items allows for proper management and accountability practices to be placed.

Straightforward Management: The vehicular range of lockable key cabinets are available in 4 sizes to cater to the likes of a small business owner with a small fleet of vehicles or pool cars, to  that of large car sales yards, or security car parks. With security and accountability measures in place, management of your keys is quite easy and efficient.

The models available under the Vehicle & Car Yard range of TelKee Lockable Cabinets include the following;

  • TelKee 347C/20 Vehicles Beige
  • TelKee 347C/20 Vehicles Grey
  • TelKee 530C/80 Vehicles Beige
  • TelKee 530C/80 Vehicles Grey
  • TelKee 686C/100 Vehicles Beige
  • TelKee 686C/100 Vehicles Grey
  • TelKee 686LC/150 Vehicles Beige
  • TelKee 686LC/150 Vehicles Grey
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