Key Management Solutions and More for Offices

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Key Management Solutions and More for Offices

Office administration needs to operate much like running a tight ship; there needs to be various factors set in place to ensure that everything is running as it’s supposed to. One important thing to consider is that especially in the  case of office storage and key management solutions is that ensuring a secure cabinet for keys or other items  are  secure   and tamper proof is vital for business continuity as well as the safety of tangible assets, whether they are  structural or operational  assets.

At Telkee Lockable Cabinets Australia, there are many office storage and key management solutions that can definitely help in making sure you run tight ship. If office administration falls under your duty of care purview, then you may find the following solutions ideal for your business/organisation.

There are various types of lockable cabinets available for your choosing depending on the sizes and quantity of keys you wish to store as well as security mechanisms and aesthetic appearances. The following includes some of the models of secure key cabinets available with TelKee Lockable Cabinets that are available in two choices of colour; beige or gray.

Size: S

Capacity (Hooks): 35, 60

Models: Standard (347/35, 347/60), Vehicles (347C/20)

Size: M

Capacity (Hooks): 100, 175, 245

Models: Standard (530/100, 530/175, 530/245), Vehicles (530C/80)

Size: L / XL

Capacity (Hooks): 150, 250, 350, 450

Models: Standard (686/150, 686/250, 686/350, 686/450), Standard XL (686L/150, 686L/250, 686L/350, 686L/450), Vehicles (686C/100, 686LC/150)

Apart from the key cabinet solutions available, there are also accessories and other cabinet solutions that definitely help you with your office management requirements. These include the likes of multi-use storage cabinets, workplace health and safety cabinets and filing cabinet accessories.

Multi-Use Cabinets: With these multi-use cabinet solutions that are available with adjustable shelves, it’s easy to work your way around bulky items that previously didn’t have a place of its own due to its size.

Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets: These cabinet solutions are ideal for storing documentation and files on Workplace Health & Safety that is essential at the likes of job sites that require it. Easily transportable, these are similar to the multi-use cabinets but specifically for the purpose of it being for the storage of these items.

Filing Cabinet Accessories: With filing cabinets, you need to make optimum use of the space made available to you, that’s why TelKee offers you an easy way to add your key management solutions to your existing filing cabinet via a suspension panel that is fitted with hooks and all the works you’ve get with a panel from a key cabinet.

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