Key Safes

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Key Safes

If you are shopping around for key safes, then you are at the right place. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers you a range of reliable, sturdy key safes across various sizes, models and even industry uses. Whether you need it for the home, or the office, they come in handy because let’s face it, we all need a place to keep keys, right? That’s why these lockable key management solutions are such a hit! It follows the simple rule, a place for everything.

Different Sizes of Key Safes

When it comes to choosing a key management solution, you might look at the size of your company, and the requirement at hand. If you are a home office, then a small key safe cabinet would be ideal, however if you are growing enterprise, the largest option would be what you are thinking about. At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, there various choices to choose from. They include small, then medium and finally large cabinets, where you can accommodate a minimal capacity, but opt for expansion options to fit the requirement you need and also foresee probable growth in your requirement too. This way, you are making an informed decision.  The capacity and sizing information is given below.

Small Key Safes: 30-60 Keys, Models TelKee 347 and TelKee 530

Medium Key Safes: upto 245 keys, Models TelKee 530/100, 530/175, 530/245, 686/150, 686/250, 686/350, and 530C/80 & 686C/100

Large Key Safes: upto 550 keys, TelKee 686/150, 686/250, 686/350, 686/450, 686L/150, 686L/250, 686L/350, 686L/450and 686C/100

Industry Uses for Key Safes

While some require key safes or cabinets for household or commercial uses, don’t forget that you also require keys to utilise vehicles. That’s why at TelKee you are also offered vehicular key safes for use in car parks, fleet management companies and the likes. Your assets are important to you, no matter whether they are mobile or stationary, so make sure they are safe.

Security, Expansion and Accountability for your Key Safes

Apart from the fact that these are key safes, you also have to consider how they are secured. Will you be using a lock and key, and whether there are contingencies to ensure that if the key to the key safe is misplaced whether the Master Key is available or there is a manager override lock, or whether it’s a keyless mechanical key pad which also comes with tracking software for accountability based on log in information? These are all things you need to consider. For a key entry system, you may use manual options such as index books and signature strip accessories.

In terms of expansion, these key safe cabinets come with options for growth across various models such as the ones mentioned below.

Small Key Safe solutions upgrade suspension panels starting from 20 hooks for vehicular models and 35 key hooks to 60 for the 347 model, and the 530 model upgrade denominations of 100 and 175.

Medium Key Safe solutions upgrade suspension panels start from 100, 175 and then 245 are available for the TelKee 530 models, whilst 150, 250 and 350 are available for the 686 models.

Large Key Safe solutions upgrade suspension panels start from 150, 250, 350 and 450 are available for the 686 models.

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