Purchasing Real Estate Management Key Storage Solutions

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Purchasing Real Estate Management Key Storage Solutions

Implementing a secure and organised key storage system is crucial for all real estate agents and property managers. Not only does this ensure properties are kept safe, but real estate lockable key cabinets also ensure the smooth access to these properties by a number of real estate agents. With so many different lock boxes available in the market, here are some key factors to consider when making your choice.

How Reliable is the Key Cabinet?

When choosing a lockable key cabinet, it’s important to consider the durability of the cabinet. Avoid purchasing a high maintenance product, instead opt for a weather resistant, strong framed cabinet such as Telkee key cabinets which are made with 1ml – 1.6 ml steel, are wall mounted and have a powdercoated finish making them a reliable choice.

Also ensure that you purchase a product from an established company that provides a guarantee on all products and has credible reviews.

Choose the Right Key Cabinet Locking Mechanism

When choosing a key cabinet solution for your real estate company, it’s important to consider how secure the locking mechanism used for it is. You don’t want to purchase a low cost key rack that can be easily tampered resulting in key theft, instead consider either keyless entry for your lockable cabinet using a mechanical keypad or a tamper-proof secure cam lock. Telkee key cabinets provides customers the unique option of upgrading your locking system to a mechanical keypad lock along with a secondary manager override cam lock and a slam door for complete security and convenience.

Can the Key Rack be Easily Expanded

Ideally the lockable key storage system you choose should be able to meet the needs of your growing real estate business. As the number of properties you manage increases, the modular nature of Telkee key cabinets allows easy expansion by simply adding on new key panels to your existing key cabinet.

Research Key Storage Solutions to Find the Best Option

Ensure you receive the best pricing for your Australian lockable key cabinets by doing some research prior to making a purchase. Spend some time researching the available key cabinet models and compare it for price, along with the key features it provides.

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