Professional Tips for Real Estate/Property Management

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Professional Tips for Real Estate/Property Management

When you work with several clients or projects, there will come a time that you will start to feel overwhelmed and often feel worn down. In order to avoid such situations, we have with us a few professional tips for you. Real estate and/or property management agents who juggle many items on their task lists, often running between properties may find the following tips extremely useful in terms of keeping up with different turn of events and more.

Setting Expectation Levels

When working with clients, it is important to let them know what they are getting from you in terms of service and what they should expect. Having processes for everything from returning missed calls and replying to emails within a certain time frame, to mapping out a route when showing various properties to clients is always something and can really impress.

Delegation Is Everything

When you are feeling overwhelmed, heed the warning signs and delegate non-critical work items or less meaningful tasks to your staff who are able to handle it. By sharing and communicating with your team members, you are able to adjust to divide and conquer. Often a life-size calendar in your office would be ideal to visually represent the tasks and pending items.


By figuring out your daily tasks and setting times and durations for each, you are able to better prepare yourself. Time management greatly helps in achieving your goals. However, do time-block some time for a walk to unwind during the workday to reduce stress levels.

Prewriting Marketing Content

When you have content to be used in advertisements, blogs and more, sometimes taking a couple of hours from the weekend to work on these is a great idea so that they aren’t rushed. Planning your topics and content pieces as well as establishing a marketing timeframe inclusive of social media  will be quite valuable when you need to delegate the tasks and have your staff run with it (as all the information will be included as instructions/notes).

Retain Consistency

Make sure you keep at the above mentioned so that your standards remain the same, whether it’s with dealing with clients or your staff.  Add these to your daily/weekly for maximum results.

With these tips, you can manage yourself in a way that offers consistent and quality work. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers secure lockable cabinets and other key management accessories that offer great value to real estate agencies.

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