TelKee Key Cabinet Locking Systems

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TelKee Key Cabinet Locking Systems

Finding the right key cabinet is important when you are making an investment for your business. The size, capacity, sturdiness and security of said lockable key cabinets and multipurpose cabinets are important as you’ll need them for your day to day activities as well as integral to your duty of care responsibilities. Therefore be wary of what’s available in the market and choose wisely when you are investing in a lockable cabinet.

Here’s what you should opt for when you are about to buy a lockable cabinet for your office.

Sturdiness: Durable 2mm thick rust resistant aluminium construction, with durable stainless steel full length hinge for high use sites.

Security: Marine grade stainless steel push-button lock with mechanical keypad keyless entry or standard bi-lock keyed entry security, coupled with auto-latching door.

Size: Ranging from small to large, depending on key/storage capacity with space and measures for expansion (via employment of panels).

Capacity: Based on size, where small cabinets can accommodate 35 hooks up to 60 hooks, medium can accommodate 100 hooks, 175 hooks or 245 hooks, large can accommodate from 150 hooks up to 550 hooks.

Appearance:  Powder coated in neutral beige/gray to blend with office interior design.

Functionality: Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use, can be wall mounted or free standing. Mechanical keypad entry cabinets as well as standard cabinets allows for tracking/data trail with secure sign-in/sing out either using tracking software or log book.

Locking systems are important to ensure that you fulfil your duty of care responsibilities as well as ensure the proper flow of processes that only improves your efficiency and effectivenes of tasks at hand.  At TelKee Lockable Cabinets, they are fitted with standard locks with the option of upgrades too. These include the following cabinet locking systems.

    • Standard Cam Lock: One of these is included in the price of all cabinets, and is supplied with 2 keys, where replacement keys may be purchased from any locksmith by quoting the number on the lock.
    • Mechanical Keypad with Manager Override Lock: Available with 4-6 digit changeable combinations, no maintenance or batteries required due to its mechanical nature, this lock comes with a Manager Override Lock (for models 530, 686 & 686L), and is available on all cabinets except 347/35 hook model.
    • 3 Digit Combo Lock: 3 digit changeable combination, no maintenance or batteries required due to its mechanical nature, least expensive option for keyless entry and available on all cabinets.
    • Bi-Lock Cam Lock: 12 tumblers restricted keying system with quick release barrel for re-keying.
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