Security Cabinets

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Security Cabinets

We keep our loved ones safe and sound within our homes, so why shouldn’t our assets and information be safe as well? With security cabinets, you can find a home for your items of importance, whether it is for small items, keys, files and folders of documents and other similar articles.

There are a few necessary features that a cabinet requires for it to be secured. The first would be a locking mechanism. This should be the right type for your requirements too, that is whether it’s a lock and key system, a keyless entry system, and also whether it has override features in the case that an emergency requires you to access the contents within. The types of locks offered by Telkee’s security cabinets include the likes of the following.

  • Standard Cam Lock
  • Mechanical Key Pad & Manager Override Lock
  • 3-Digit Combo Lock
  • High Security Safe Lock
  • 3-Point Locking System
  • Bi-Lock Cam Lock

For more information on available locking options please visit this link – Telkee Lockable Cabinet Locking Options.

We don’t just stop at offering you a secure locking option, as we value your patronage as well as respect your needs and requirements. Each of Telkee’s Lockable Cabinets are made with 1ml-1.6ml steel that is then baked with an enamel finish. These security cabinets are wall mountable as well as free standing, depending on your need. Available for use in different sectors and types of industries, be it real estate offices, government departments, hospitals, school and even fleet management and car yards, these will come in handy, because security as well as proper storage is definitely a must. These security cabinets, which are primarily for keys, are also available as adjustable shelf and suspension file system cabinet ranges too.

When it comes to the security of keys, any problem you have had in the past in terms of storage will be reduced efficiently, along with your insurance burdens, and risk of key theft being lessened, to facilitate control of duty-of-care towards key management in your workplace.

Security cabinets from Telkee Lockable Cabinets can be categorised into the following for your choosing and management of your assets, across the 347, 530, 686, and 686L security cabinets models.

  • Small Key Management Solutions
  • Medium Key Management Solutions
  • Large Key Management Solutions
  • Filing Cabinet Solutions
  • Multi Use Cabinets
  • Printed Key Tags
  • Workplace Health & Safety
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