Join the thousands of businesses that identify their property wtih custom tags. Whether you are tagging electronic devices, personalising key tags or providing maintenance certifications, let Telkee keep your property safe and secure by tagging your items with custom printed plastic tags for your business. In years gone by these items were typically promotional products and keytags, but with modern production techniques, the ability to print full colour on both sides there are many more uses today. Add the cabpability of variable data, that is individual bardoces or numbering on each tag all at a reasonable price and small minimum quantities and we are seeing an expolosion in custom tags for business. The new production techniques also mean the onerous setup and die charges that used to push the per piece price higher for small quanties has been eliminated. Telkee has in house graphic design skills so you don’t even need to hire a graphics design company to produce the deisgn you are after. Tags are typically supplied with split rings, but you can also attach them with zip ties if required. These promotional plastic tags can be printed in whatever colour and coprorate logo you require.