5 Tips to Organise Your Small Business

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5 Tips to Organise Your Small Business

Everyone knows that an organised business is most often a productive business! While staying organised doesn’t come naturally to many of us, it really isn’t hard to get your small business and workspace organised with these effective tips from the Telkee Key Cabinets team.

Organise and Secure Valuables

Keep your insurance and replacement costs down by keeping your valuables safe in a lockable cabinet. Choose from a range of cabinets that are specific to your business need, for instance store keys in a secure key cabinet, while vehicle key safes are ideal if you’re running a vehicle fleet management company. Adjustable shelf cabinets can be used to keep other business resources secure such as dvds, laptops etc.

Keep Your Notes Organised

Inspiration can strike at any time, so it’s important to choose the ideal note-taking tool to suit your requirements. This can also be used to jot down tasks on the go and should be easily accessible at all times. First decide if you prefer to use a pen and paper, voice recording on your smartphone or an app. This really depends on what you’re looking for and should fit your lifestyle well.

Organise Your Paper Files

Do you know that research shows that  the average person wastes over 4 hours per week searching for papers? Go through your filing cabinets and shred anything that’s out of date or no longer relevant to your business. If you’re worried you might one day need four-year old notes from a client project, then scan the originals and throw out the paper files to make more room.

Tame Your Email Inbox

You will find yourself wasting tons of time searching through your email inbox if it’s organised and you’re likely to miss spotting important emails too. Setup filters so that the only emails you see in your primary inbox are the ones that you need to deal with, while everything is neatly archived for later.

Also, make sure you cut down on the number of emails you receive by unsubscribing to newsletters you no longer need or setup filters to have them go into separate folder so that your primary email inbox is not inundated with non essential emails.

Organise Your Legal Work

Spend some time figuring out and tying up all legal loose ends for your small business. This can be anything from sorting out licences and local permits to ensuring you’re setup properly with a Tax file etc.


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