How to Sell More at Your Car Sales Business

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How to Sell More at Your Car Sales Business

Whether you’ve been in the car sales business or if you’re just getting into it without much training, here are some great techniques to use that will generate more car sales, while also helping you stay more organised and thus reducing the risk of theft and replacement costs.

Personalise Your Greeting

A good greeting is an important part of getting the sale off right! It lets you get control right off the bat and makes a potential customer feel welcome and appreciated. Instead of the usual “How can I help you?” which can be easily brushed by “I’m just looking”, try something a little more personable like “Good morning and welcome to ABC Motors”. This will give you an opportunity to continue to interact with the client since they will usually respond to this with “Thank You”.

Don’t stick to just one option, try out a few different greetings to see which one works for you and the sales pitch you opt for.

Using Lockable Key Cabinets to Save Time

Keeping a potential customer waiting while you locate the keys to a car you’re trying to sell is a disaster. Avoid this time wastage by ensuring all car keys are securely stored in a purpose built Telkee vehicle key cabinet that can be easily wall mounted. All durable Telkee car yard keysafes are supplied with keyless mechanical keypad lock that allows car sales team members to easily access keys during the day, while the additional manager override cam lock provides security at night.

Test Drive with Your Customer

While a lot of old timers prefer to let customers test drive vehicles by themselves, you’re missing out on valuable time that could help you close the deal. Spending this extra time with your client is a great opportunity to get to know them a bit better, figure out what pushes their buttons and build a rapport with them inorder to really sell the car according to their unique needs.

If a customer prefers to test drive the vehicle alone, always let them but never suggest it. Test driving the vehicle with your client will allow you to trial close the deal when you’re returning with something simple like “go ahead and park it over on the Sold line, to avoid anyone else trying to buy your car”.

Don’t forget to replace the vehicle keys in the lockable key cabinet on the matching key hook if the customer needs more time to reach a decision to ensure an effective key management system is in place at all times.

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