Telkee offers a wide range of plastic tags designed to be used in many different circumstances. Our most popular keytags come pre-numbered in a pack of 50. They are available in four colours and two shapes. The numbering goes from #1-50 all the way up to #501-550, but please check as not all colours come in all ranges. These numbered tags come in handy for many types of businesses. Typical uses include property management, locker systems, government organisations and schools. A second popular range of keyring tags is our custom branded tags. Real Estate businesses have traditionally purchased these advertising or promotional keyrings with their logo and details stamped on them. Some choose to add a second sequential numbering process to the tags and use them to manage their properties. The advertising key tags come in 8 colours; red, orange, yellow, blue, green, white, brown and black. We have recently introduced another form of custom key tags which can be printed in full colour and can also have numbering or variable data on the tags. They come in 40x65mm and 24x64mm sizes to fit your needs. Finally, we sell blank plastic key tags in 8 colours and several shapes. Have a look at our range below and please call us if you have any questions.