How Secure Are Key Cabinets?

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How Secure Are Key Cabinets?

For businesses, having secure key cabinets to control access to and monitor the movement of those all-important keys is vital. There are many different types of these secure key storage cabinets offered by reputed suppliers of key management solutions, such as Telkee Key Cabinets.

These types of key management solutions are beneficial for any and all types of businesses, but especially for those that deal with a large number of keys, such as property managers, car dealers, auto shops, hotels and guest houses, schools and universities, hospitals etc. Since these high security key cabinets come in a range of sizes, they can be used by small businesses as well as huge corporations.

Different types of secure key cabinets in Australia

  • Small Key Cabinets

Small key cabinets are ideal for small businesses and can store 35-60 keys in a cabinet. These generally come with numbered key tags and corresponding hooks, so that it is easier to store and locate your keys. Guest houses, vacation rentals, restaurant valets etc can benefit from using one of these types of cabinets. 

  • Medium Key Cabinets

These secure key storage cabinets can generally hold between 100-250 keys or bunches, and is the best option for hotels and resorts, apartment buildings, schools etc. 

  • Large Key Cabinets

Large sized secure key cabinets in Australia are the ideal solution for large businesses that need to store a lot of keys. These cabinets generally hold up to 500 keys, and come with adjustable hooks, so that you can store large bunches of keys in them as well. These make the ideal choice for real estate companies.

  • Vehicle Key Cabinets

Vehicle keys are far more bulkier than other types of keys and may require more space when storing them. This is why there are especially made key cabinets for those businesses in the automotive industry, such as car dealerships, car rentals etc. Cars are very expensive items, and need to be kept safe and secure at all times, which is why Telkee vehicle key cabinets come with sturdy hooks and either a key lock or keyless combination lock with a manager override. 

  • Key Cabinets with Biometric Locking Systems

These are some of the most secure key cabinets around because you can allow access to only authorised personnel. This generally uses biometric data such as fingerprints for gaining access, and will also have a manager override where they can remove access given to others in emergency situations.

What are the benefits of using a secure key cabinet for your business?

  • They are safe: Key cabinets are manufactured using the highest quality reinforced steel so that they are absolutely burglar proof. In addition, even the most basic key cabinet comes with a cam lock and two keys, while the more advanced keyless entry models come with either a mechanical keypad or 3-digit combination lock. They also come with slam latch doors, so that you know they will not be accidentally kept open at any time.
  •  Makes key management much easier: When using keys that are stored in a secure key cabinet, the user has to check them out and check them in again when returning, which makes physical management of keys so much easier.
  • They are durable and heavy duty: Since they are made with high quality materials these secure key cabinets are very durable.
  • Ability to monitor and control key movement: When you store your keys in one of these high security key cabinets, you will know where your keys are at any given time. In addition, you will be able to quickly identify any keys that are missing, so that you can take immediate action to locate them.
  • Allows for a large number of keys to be managed efficiently: When you are dealing with a lot of keys, it can get quite overwhelming to keep track of all of them, which is why a high security key cabinet is the ideal solution.
  • Support: When you purchase a Telkee key cabinet, you are not only getting a piece of new furniture for your business, you are building a long-term relationship. Telkee’s professionals in key management solutions will offer any kind of support you need regarding your secure key cabinet.

Tips for added security for your key cabinet

Although a key cabinet in itself is a safe and secure way of storing your keys, there are other tips to follow to ensure that you are keeping your valuable keys safe from unwanted access.

  • Limit access: It is important that you do not grant access to the secure key cabinet to each and everyone in the office. If you do this, the entire purpose of securing your keys in a cabinet is lost. Make sure you identify the most reliable and responsible staff members and grant access to keys to only a limited few. This way you can also better monitor key movements.
  • Change your code regularly: If you are using a mechanical keypad or 3-digit combination lock key cabinet, many security professionals recommend that you change your code at least once every month.
  • Install it in the right location: Make sure that your key cabinet is installed or mounted in a well-lit area which is visible to other people.
  • Get insured: Getting a Contents Insurance Policy is important for any business that uses any type of cabinet, including secure key cabinets in Australia.

Is it possible to actually break into a secure key cabinet?

While it is not impossible to break into a key cabinet, it is certainly not easy! Keep in mind that these cabinets are made with high quality reinforced steel, which means they are much harder to break open. In addition, they also come with high quality, durable locks and locking mechanisms, which means a burglar will need to go through all of those to try and open the cabinet. Even if someone tries to smash the cabinet on the ground to open it, this would still need time and special tools, and it will make a huge racket which will surely alert security or staff members. Cutting through the steel or lock will also require special tools, which will be impossible for a burglar to carry around.

You can view a video of an experiment trying to open through a key safe lock in the following video by Rick Gannon. Although he is using a lock box for this experiment, it demonstrates how difficult it really is to break into a key safe or key cabinet: Breaking Into A Key Safe – is it easy? – YouTube

When using a combination lock key cabinet what if I forget the number combo?

It is not uncommon for people to forget their combination on a combination lock on their key cabinet. In such an instance, is it possible to actually open it? If so, can burglars also use this method to open a combination lock key cabinet?

While there are methods that can certainly open a combination lock, as you can see in this video by Ken KanFix, How to crack a combination lock for key safe, this method should work for suit cases as well – YouTube, it is not easy, and can be quite time consuming. Hence there is an assurance that although this and other similar methods may be used for domestic and personal purposes, a burglar or other unwanted party using it to try and open a combination lock secure key cabinet is highly unlikely, as they may be seen by other staff members or by security personnel.

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