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Telkee Key Cabinets is Australia’s #1 Key Management Solution. For over 70 years Newbound and Telkee have manufactured commercial quality lockable key management systems in Sydney, Australia. All Telkee Key Cabinets come with a 5 year warranty, have a 100% quality guarantee and are shipped Australia wide.

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With a variety of well designed, long lasting key cabinets, Telkee provides all clients with a flexible, modular and expandable key management solution. Telkee Australia’s commercial key storage cabinets and key security solutions can be easily used for a small, medium or large business type as a reliable all-in-one system.


Key Cabinet Solutions

A key cabinet is used to secure keys in an office, business or home setting. Every Telkee cabinet comes standard with a cam lock, 2 matching keys, plastic numbered key tags, alpha and numeric indexing and check-out systems and perforated numbers that slot in behind each hook to match the numbered key tags with the corresponding hook. With well over 100,000 key cabinets installed throughout Australia, Telkee has been leading the industry in Australia for decades. Many types of businesses use our system to manage their assets. For example, many property management and real estate offices utilise our safe and secure cabinets to manage their rental properties and home inventory. Schools, government agencies, police and fire stations use our lockable cabinets to keep their keys safe. If your business has space or wall constraints, we can still help with our range of suspension panel key management solutions.

These handy panels are the same shape and size as the green “Krystal” folders that fit into standard filing cabinets. Many new and used car yards have our vehicle key management systems in their car yards and smash repair and service departments use them as well. Commercial and industrial businesses use our Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets to help manage contractors and staff sign-on and conform to safety practices on site. Assisted living, Aged Care, hospitals and heavy industry use our adjustable shelf cabinets to keep important items under lock and key.

Telkee key cabinets come in a range of different sizes to suit the key management problems of any type of organisation, whether small or large. Our small key cabinets hold between 35 to 60 keys and are the perfect size for a small business that is looking to secure their keys. The medium sized cabinets hold between 100 to 250 keys and are the perfect choice for an apartment complex or school. The large commercial key storage cabinets hold between 250 to 550 keys and are ideal for those businesses that need to store large bunches of keys as well. In addition, we also offer vehicle key cabinets that are the ideal choice for car yards or those businesses that manage large fleets of vehicles.

You can trust Telkee to keep your keys safe!


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