Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Refunds are available for 30 days after purchase. Package must be returned in original packaging in "as new" condition or a restocking fee will be charged.
Telkee Key cabinets are available in models that range from 35 hooks up to 550 hooks.
Yes, we have all the accessories available separately at any time. Tags come in bags of 50, numbered in 50's. They are available pre-numbered in Blue round, Red square, up to 550. Green round, Yellow square up to 100. All numbers outside these limits are still available for a extra charge.
Our cabinets are designed to accommodate 1-2 keys per hook. Bunches of keys will take up more space in the cabinet so if you have bunches of keys to store as in property keys or car keys you may need to purchase a cabinet well in excess of the number of key bunches you have. The swinging panels inside each cabinet are removable and can be spaced out inside the cabinet to suit.

All cabinets are supplied standard with Cam style lock. Upgrades are available to a Mechanical Keypad Keyless entry, or 3 digit Combo Lock.