Heard of Workplace Health & Safety Cabinets before, but still not entirely sure what these straightforward, super sturdy & effective cabinets can be used for at your workplace? These multi-functional cabinets have become an absolute must-have at all well-organised workplaces, not just for keeping all documentation on workplace health & safety protocols organised in one designated spot for quick accessing, but to also keep this key information safe!

Telkee Workplace Health & Safety Cabinets have been used since its launch by a number of different industries and can be placed at a regular office to keep vital info such as WHS policy information and manuals in a centralised location that has been well secured. In other instances, these Workplace Health & Safety Cabinets have also been used onsite at construction sites thanks to it being weather resistant with aluminium construction and stainless steel components - a winning combination that makes it extremely durable and rust-resistant!

Having up to date Workplace Health & Safety protocols and documentation easily accessible at one location ensures a reduced liability since all work permits and proper documentation is held in one centralised location for quick access by authorised personnel for increased efficiency - hunting down this key information can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, especially when you’re in a rush!

Does your workplace really need a Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet?

The short answer is a definite ‘yes’! No matter what the industry is, most medium to large businesses will require a WHS cabinet to store information on safety protocols. If you’re dealing with a lot of external contractors on a construction site, for instance, a Telkee Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet can be used to hold signing in contractors timesheets, documentation for managing duty of care, as well as any important WHS requirements & protocols for working onsite. In terms of companies that deal with dangerous chemicals or machinery, the WHS cabinets can be used to store important safety documentation for training purposes on the safety protocols and steps to take if anyone is injured etc.

What do you need to look for when purchasing a Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet?

Durability is key when purchasing a Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet, so don’t cut corners and make sure to invest in a premium-quality cabinet that has a solid aluminium construction and stainless steel components such as hinges to ensure it lasts. Remember, if you will be using it outdoors, opt for a weather-resistant cabinet. Your Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet should also be well secured so always opt for a cabinet with an auto latching door that swings back shut to avoid any unauthorised access. When it comes to the locking mechanism, you can choose between a regular push-button mechanical keypad or opt to have an upgraded version with a 003 Fire Department Override Cylinder which means in an emergency the Fire Department will be able to access the cabinet quickly.