Office Key Management Cabinet Solutions

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Office Key Management Cabinet Solutions

Keys for infrastructure and vehicles, workplace health & safety manuals, policy documents, digital media, backup files, and other various high value items needs safeguarding and the perfect place for these would be inside secure lockable cabinets. From storage to office key management cabinet solutions, TelKee is fully equipped to aid in fulfilling your duty of care with concern to office management responsibilities. Catering to many industries, these Australian-made secure cabinets and accessories are ideal choices for reinforcing security around assets that can easily be stolen or misplaced. From government divisions, real estate agencies, schools, universities, hospitals, aged care institutions, apartment complexes and more have found these secure cabinet solutions invaluable.

Key Cabinets

There are various types of keys available in the market, depending on the requirement and use. In order to fulfill these requirements, based on the keys of choice whether infrastructural or vehicular, to small and large keys, TelKee key cabinets are able to aid in the management of keys.

Infrastructural Key Cabinets

These secure key cabinets are available for small to medium and even large businesses, ranging across various sizes and capacities. The following includes the TelKee Lockable Cabinet models – T347, T530, T686 and T686L.

MODEL 347 (347mm x 280mm x 80mm) 1mm steelBeigeGrey
35 Key CapacityNAT35
60 Key CapacityT375T376
MODEL 530 (530mm x 330mm x 16mm) 1.2mm steel
100 Key Capacity (1 panel)T378T379
175 Key Capacity (2 panels)T380T381
245 Key Capacity (3 panels)T382T383
530 Cabinet Only – No Tags or accessoriesT308T309
MODEL 686 Standard (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 1.6mm steel
150 Key Capacity (1 panel)T388T389
250 Key Capacity (2 panels)T392T393
350 Key Capacity (3 panels)T394T395
450 Key Capacity (4 panels)T396T397
686 Cabinet Only – No Tags or AccessoriesT320T321
MODEL 686 Large (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 1.6mm steel
150 Key Capacity (1 panel)T398AT398AG
250 Key Capacity (2 panels)T398CT398CG
350 Key Capacity (3 panels)T398ET398EG
450 Key Capacity (4 panels)T398GT398EGG
550 Key Capacity (5 panesl)T398HT398HG
686L Cabinet Only – No Tags or AccessoriesT3930T3930G

Vehicle Key Cabinets

​Vehicle keys usually come with bulky key heads and require significant more room than keys to doors and other lockable items. Therefore a vehicle key management system is in place to ensure this need is met. The following include the TelKee vehicle key models available.

C347 – 20 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1mm steelTC347BTC347G
C530 – 80 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.2mm steelTC530BTC530G
C686 – 100 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steelTC686BTC686G
C686L – 150 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steelTC686LBTC686LG


Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

​Multi-use cabinets that come with adjustable shelves are ideal to securely store your miscellaneous items from policy documents, CD/DVDs, and more. TelKee even has a special Workplace Health and Safety cabinet in order for you to store them specifically. The following includes the  TelKee multi use cabinets.

S530 – (530mm x 330mm x 165mm) 2 shelf, 1.2mm steelT401T402
S686 – (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steelT411T412
S686L – (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steelT421T422



Filing Cabinet Solutions – Suspension Key File Systems

If you already own filing cabinets, TelKee has a suspension key file system that can easily be fitted into a filing drawer. These are invaluable to real estate agencies. The following includes the TelKee suspension key file systems on offer.

50 Hook System (2 panels + accessories)T200G50
100 Hook System (4 panels + accessories)T200G100
200 Hook System (8 panels + accessories)T200G200
Panel ONLYT200G
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