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About Us

For over 65 years, Telkee Key Cabinets has been a true innovator of advanced key security solutions in Australia.Today the company, has developed as the most recognised name in key security management systems sold across Australia.

Since 1965, Telkee has been owned and operated by Newbound Pvt Ltd, an Australian company located in Sydney. Telkee has manufactured commercial quality lockable key management systems for many businesses over the years and has successfully grown its clientele with excellent customer service and after sales support.

All Telkee products come with a 5 year warranty and offer ultimate convenience with easy ordering via an user-friendly website, online support and express delivery across Australia. Telkee’s specialties include Lockable Key Cabinets, Key Safes, LockBoxes Vehicle Key Cabinets, Vehicle Key Racks, WHS Cabinets, Key Tags, Adjustable Storage Cabinets, Filing Cabinet Key Storages and much more.

As a leading manufacturer in key management solutions, Telkee is dedicated to helping small, medium and large businesses in a diverse range of industries implement and maintain a secure key control system that will help reduce the chances of theft and loss.